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Diamond Wire for super reinforcement concrete cutting Case (

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  Project Name: High Railway Bridge Cutting in Taibei
  Meterial Type Reports: It can separate bridge body and pier of the bridge in large size. With large cutting area, high strength of meterial type,limited construction time, it is located at noisy city centre and need all safty protection,moreover, it required strictly controlling for stone powder of working area and noise.
  Cutting Material: > 5% Reinforced Concrete
  Concrete Strength: C50
  Bridge structure: 32# screwed steel, twin lines with 10cm distance.
  Single cutting area: 20(M2)
  Machine Model: TSY-15G
  Wire saw: TSY-SRC+10.5
  Sawing Speed: 2-3(M2/h)
  Lifetime: 2-2.5(M2/m)
  The machine operation reports:Cutting area can reach 20(M2) every time. The installment is easy and operation is fast with advanced features including high automation ,low noise, stablity and efficiency.
  Wire Saw Working reports: TSY-SRC105+11 is professional wire for super heavily reinforced concrete. Meanwhile, lifetime is long and cutting process is smooth.
  Customer’s feedback: easy operation and convenient maintenance